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My iPhone has been updated with the iOS11. The Farsi Apps do not work. Please! Update apps to iOS11. Thank you very much! E.T.

Really helpful

I was looking for an app to help me with pronunciation, reading and writing and after downloading a few I think this one is the best. Really easy to use and practice anytime anywhere.

Learning a Persian Language

I've only had the app a few days. It appears to have all the basics to beginning to learn and understand some Farsi. I'm hoping it leads to a daily ability to communicate in the language with both parties understanding. However, please fix it to run better and quicker on an iPhone 6, PLEASE!!

Awesome app

It's a great app for beginners like me. I speak and understand Farsi but can't read and write. So this app has helped me very much. Would b great if tracing words and letters were added.

Thank you

Thank you for your application it is so helpful

Seems good but too soon to say

I just downloaded this app to try to learn a few Farsi phrases with my kindergartener who has a new child in his class who speaks no English. It looks pretty good so far, but it requests a review every third time I go back to the main menu, which is annoying. Still really early to give this a thorough review


Very helpful!

easy learning app

loving it already


Excellent way for my kids to learn Farsi


I like the part that allows you to practice speaking, very helpful, thank you for giving us this app

Farsi asan :-)

Love it and use it everyday !!

Great app with some glitches

Having tried several other apps, this one seems to be great in terms of testing spellings and helping with pronunciation. Only glitch is that the sound doesn't always work. Wish they could fix the bug. Would love it if they could add a dedicated alphabet section too!

Great app

4 stars cuz it doesn't have the alphabet practice or simple sentence structure rules

Amazing app

I am so happy I found this app. It is great for learning and retaining Farsi vocabulary. I use a few different programs but this is by far the best...& it's free. They provide multiple exercises that you can choose from. They are all great but I especially love the listening exercise. This flashcard style of learning really helps with the retention of the material. Highly recommend!

A large amount of content!

This is a great reference and learning tool. I'm surprised at the amount of content. Some of the correlative graphics are unclear, but I don't know how they could have made it clearer.

Efficient and visual

Great app. Straightforward!


This app is been great for helping me learn Farsi vocabulary. What would make it even better is if it had English transliteration of Farsi words using the English alphabet. That way I don't need to learn the Arabic alphabet.

Great app

I love it, it's a great app to learn farsi


Really good


I have enjoyed every minute I spend learning Farsi now!

Need upgrade

Its very good app very useful but need upgrade from time to time add more to learning base in it , thank you .

Farsi app

it's a good app


It's a great quick resource to use. Only thing that is annoying is that it pushes you to write a review before you have had time to use it. So I can't say much more than this.

Pretty good!

The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because I think the English writing would assist the correct pronunciation. Or a way to slow down the speaker. One of the two. Over all pretty good!

This app

I am a Navy student at DLI. This app doesn't go with the things you learn on a day to day basis but it is a great supplementary item!


Definitly helpful with memorization. So glad this app exists.


Thanx, nice app !

Easy to use

Simple and it works well


One of the best apps to learn the Persian language for starters

This is what I was looking for.


Love the app!!

So easy to learn.

Best App that I'be Ever Found for Vocabulary

The title says it all. Like some others on this review list, my future in-laws don't speak English. I'm also very interested in learning about my fiancé's culture. I've studied Mandarin in the past and I wish I had an app like this then.

Best Farsi App I've found

The repetitive nature immerses me and helps me to remember words and phrases plus it has the best Persian script tool

Learning Farsi

**Please add alphabet section. Please also add an ability to write the alphabet w our finger!! I would buy those updates! :))** I love this app. Being able to both hear the sounds and see a picture is so helpful! The only thing I would love to see added is English alphabet to help with pronunciation. I am trying to learn the Farsi letters also but I cannot read it yet. Example: bee = zanbur, blue= ābi..... Also, I have purchased expansion packs & the price is reasonable. Thank you for creating this app & for keeping it updated! Ps. I also use Rosetta Stone app (& others) but find I enjoy THIS app much more. RS makes my mind feel like a mushy blur. 😑


Good program

Great app



Woo! I have learned so much


Nice app

Great resource

A great and fun way to improve my Farsi!


Perfect for learning the alphabet 25 years too late. Thanks for this great app!

Good job

Really good app 👍😋👍 thank you guys 👌 it's great .. Just one thing why don't you put some grammar for the Farsi language the app will be really perfect

Nice app.

Nice app.

Good basic lessons

I speak conversational Farsi, but I don't have the opportunity to practice it much lately. This helps me keep up my vocabulary. It also is a great introduction for the children in our family to Farsi.


Thank you for this wonderful work and fun and easy and useful

Best Farsi/Persian app on the market

10/10 would Farsi again


Good app for learning vocabulary!

Fun & Easy!

Easy to use and helpful.

Vocab! :)

Great source for vocabulary words!!!! I'm not sure if the pronunciations are correct because I'm learning the language but they do have audio that pronounces the word shown and I think that's awesome! :)

So easy

This is an awesome app and it really helps with Farsi learning. And it gives a range of fun ways that you can learn it. It's great


I like it! So far so good!!

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